WS+A Adventure Film Festival is our first all-female, International adventure film festival!

In partnership with Folkets Bio we have put together this film festival to highlight women who are adventure filmmakers as well as film protagonists and to bring some of these amazing movies to a wider audience. 

A day of Adventure film from the female point of view! 

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When we are young we chase and pursue our dreams without hesitation, with the pure curiosity of a child. Solely driven by the need to capture the pure feeling of living in the moment. And although our grown-up lives are sometimes burdened by responsibilities and the awareness of the complexity of life, we are still driven by the constant search for the special moments. Moments, in which we experience pure happiness, independence, fear and freedom – they keep pushing us to explore our limits. In PURE, the second ‘Shades of Winter’ movie by Austrian freeskier and filmmaker Sandra Lahnsteiner an all-female group of exceptional skiers take the viewers on a journey of unspoilt adventures.


Year:  2014
Country:  USA
Duration:  52 Mins
Director:  Mario FEIL
Producer:  Sandra LAHNSTEINER/ Red Bull Media House
Production Company:  Shades of Winter

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It's time to get to know Jenn Shelton, one of the most outspoken voices in running. Known for her shenanigans featured in the bestselling book Born to Run, Shelton is both a runner and an author in her own right; far more complicated than appears at a casual glance. She makes her home in a small van, known originally as Hi-C (for its initial inclination to high center), owning only what it can carry. She travels around the Mountain West spreading her unique approach to the wilderness. This is an insider's view in black & white.


Year:  2015
Country:  USA
Duration:  45 Mins
Director:  Joel Wolpert
Producer:  Joel Wolpert
Production Company:  Wolpertinger

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Operation Moffat takes inspiration and wit from the colourful climbing life of Britain’s First Female Mountain Guide Gwen Moffat. Writer Claire Carter and Filmmaker Jen Randall scramble, swim and barefoot climb through Gwen’s most cherished British landscapes, grappling with her preference for mountains over people, adventure over security, wilderness over tick lists. With new take on landscape photography, archive footage and action sequences this is a film rooted in a real love of wild places. 


Year:  2015
Country:  United Kingdom
Duration:  20 Mins
Director:  Jen Randall Claire Carter
Producer:  Alex Messenger
Production Company:  Light Shed Pictures

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